Prints, Frames & Albums

Frame The Day offers a wide variety of print, album and framing options for your wedding or portrait session.

Your prints can be framed using traditional wooden frames, printed onto canvas, made into a beautiful keepsake album, or mounted in a modern acrylic frame. This page isn’t exhaustive so if there’s something you’re interested in that isn’t featured, please just ask.

Images & Prints

Images on disc

I can provide images from your photo shoot on disc with full access and usage rights to use as you wish.

25 photos £120
60 photos £195

Wedding images are provided on disc as part of the package price.

Individual Prints

Prices below are for individual prints.

7″ x 5″ £14
10″ x 8″ £18.50
12″ x 10″ £21.50
A3 £35
A2 £50

Multiple Prints

I offer discounts for orders of multiple prints e.g.:

6 no. 7″ x 5″ £12 each
4 no 10″ x 8″ £16 each

Frames & Mounts


Printed onto bright 400gsm cotton, hand-stretched on heavy-duty 4cm-deep stretchers. Last 100 years without fading. Provided ready to hang. Available in sizes 8″ x 10″ to 51″ x 79″. Example prices:

10″ x 8″ £49
12″ x 10″ £56
24″ x 20″ £75

Acrylic frames

Two acrylics sheets sandwiching your floating photograph held together by four cornered round silver buttons, a modern way of displaying, and because it’s neutral it matches all furnishings.

10″ x 8″ £47
A3 £58
A2 £76


With either black or white edges 2cm deep, another modern way to present your photos, the photo is heat sealed to the block for a professional and durable finish.

10″ x 8″ £45
12″ x 10″ £52
24″ x 20″ £78
Photo on canvas
Photo on canvas (full wrap)
Acrylic photo frame
Acrylic photo frame
Photo block
Photo block (white edge)

Mirage frames

One or multiple bespoke sized photographs mounted away from the background to give a floating effect, then framed classically with a choice of white, black, mahogany or oak. Modern and classy.

10″ x 10″ £75
12″ x 12″ £95
16″ x 12″ £100

Various options available combining different sized photos and layouts. Example prices:

4 photos1 27″ x 27″ £215
5 photos2 33″ x 21″ £225
7 photos3 38″ x 21″ £235

Layout consists of 4 no. 8” x 8” photos. Total frame size: 27” x 27”.

Layout consists of 4 no. 5” x 7” photos and 1 no. 11”x7” photo. Total frame size: 33” x 21”.

Layout consists of 7 various sized photos. Total frame size: 38” x 21”.

Mirage photo frame - 5 photos
Mirage frame in white finish

Wedding Albums

Kenro range

The Kenro albums are very luxurious, made from simulated leather with metal cornered mount pages. They come in two styles one with the same sized mounts throughout to show off your best photos, or multi-sized mounts within the one page to provide a more variable layout.

If classy is what you want these are for you.

Kenro Portraiture Album

Kenro portraiture album 8”x6” leather effect album, 30 pages with metal corners, with a single photo overlay throughout. Price includes photos.


Kenro Overlay Album

Kenro overlay album 10”x10” leather effect album, 24 pages with metal corners, with various different overlays producing a varied layout throughout. Price includes photos.


Traditional Wedding albums

The traditional wedding album is still a favourite, with the photos placed into corner brackets and classic tissue sheets inbetween each page. It’s very beautiful and personal. Quite often my clients order this and keep it for themselves then order a less delicate photobook to take to show everyone.

The Fleur photo album

This albums has 28 pages, each with a lining tissue page. I will sit and decide on your photos with you and then order the prints and carefully put them together in photo corner brackets, the traditional way to display your wedding memories.


Traditional Fleur Wedding Album

Albums & Photobooks

Albums and photo books are ideal for displaying all your photos in one place, to show friends and family, and also for gifts for example to grandparents like a boasting book of their grandkids.

Luxury acrylic album

This modern and luxurious album has a thick acrylic cover photo as the front cover, and 15 thick ridged pages (30 sides). Various sizes available.

10″ x 10″ £245
12″ x 12″ £270
15″ x 12″ £310


Personalised hardback cover with glossy flexible pages, with personally designed layouts. Various sizes, and styles available.

Example sizes/prices:

A4 £155
A3 £245

Private Gift-boxed Album

This small, compact, quaint black leather bound photo album has sturdy card pages, photos printed directly on each page, presented in a black 1″ deep box. Perfect as a gift for your partner or a personal private album. Ideal for boudoir shoots. price is based on 16 photos, additional pages/photos can be added at £5 per page

5″ x 5″ £120
Acrylic Wedding Photo Album
Luxury acrylic photo album
Wedding photobooks - white and black
Photobooks (Black & White)
Private boxed photo album
Private boxed photo album

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